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LeadershipNetwork is a group of ventures trading under LNPH Learning Solutions and Consultancy Services. We offer a variety of services ranging from business process consultancy, micro-outsourcing, learning and development, and content management solutions.

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More and more people are choosing to work at home. Are you one of them?

Where are your peers working now?

Traditional Office Employees 55%
Freelancing and Working at Home 45%

We know it's #timetocomehome. So come home.

We offer opportunities direct to your home, or in our offices near home.

We have opportunities that will suit your talents and expertise. With clients from four countries in very diverse industries, we are always in need of new talents in our home. We are looking forward to making you part of our home.

More and more small and medium scale businesses are choosing to outsource. Why should you not?

Are your competitors outsourcing?

Chose to Outsource 60%
Undecided 20%
Not 10%

It's time to come home. So come home!

You need more time for family. So outsource jobs and free up your time for things that matter most.

LeadershipNetwork’s MicroOutsourcing Solutions (MOsS) is spread among four countries providing micro-outsourcing solutions to small and medium scale businesses ranging from financial, online services, to general administration. Whatever your needs are, MOsS would be more than happy to assist.

More and more people are seeking learning and professional success.

Some of our clients include

We know it's #timetocomehome. So come home to LeadU.

We have worked with hundreds of participants from reputable clients in and out of the country. We look forward to working with you!

With a variety of topics at hand, LeadershipNetwork University (LeadU) has helped hundreds of participants gain more skills in order to be better at work – and in life!

We are currently working on improving LeadU’s site. If you have more queries about the services LeadU can help you with, please send an email for now at university@leadershipnetwork.com.ph.

We look forward to working with you!

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