A Strategic Partnership: LeadNet and LogicBase

“We envision to have at least 1 near-home office (NHO) in each of all the provinces of the Philippines by 2020. This way, we will be able to extend the services we provide to our countrymen, by way of making employment possible without having to go to Metro Manila,” are the words from founder and Chief of Corporate Services – EJ Nolasco.





And yet, LeadNet stays true to its word. With the influx of clients from the US and New Zealand, LeadNet, after establishing presence in Makati City and Cebu City, now makes itself present in one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines – Cagayan de Oro City.

The office marks LeadNet’s first presence in Mindanao. “We are always looking forward to establishing presence in, what EJ and I believes, to be one of the most underutilized workforce, but definitely one of the most talented ones, in the Philippines,” said Jenny Santos-Nolasco.

LeadNet has inked an agreement with LogicBase Interactive, a local venture headed by Bryan King. With the agreement, LeadNet will have presence in Cagayan de Oro, and will be able to deploy onsite staff utilizing LogicBase’s local reach and influence, technical expertise, and infrastructure.

“As much as possible, we would like to grow the business with like-minded individuals. We are not here to compete. We are here with a clear calling: to bring the opportunities – if not directly at every Filipino’s home – near every Filipino’s homes,” said EJ.

LeadNet is looking at establishing more presence in Davao City by 2016. It is also currently looking at establishing its National Command Centre at Calamba City by early 2016.

To date, LeadNet, through MOSS, is looking at expanding its clientele to possibly employ close to 200 staff around the country by mid 2016.