LeadNet Offers New Opportunities for Employment, Enters into Agreement with Virtual Recruitment Ltd. NZ

The Leadership Network (LeadNet) has entered into an agreement with New Zealand’s Virtual Recruitment (Virtual Staff) which could very well open up a lot of work-from-home employment opportunities in the next 18 months.

LeadNet, while still relatively new to the telecommuting industry, has nevertheless grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. The company currently hires a roster of extremely talented and dedicated individuals that provide virtual support to several businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the US, with other potential markets opening soon.

Virtual Recruitment Ltd, meanwhile, is headed by Stephen Martin. He has extensive business reach and connections across New Zealand.

The agreement was spearheaded by Martin and LeadNet Chief Executive Jenny Santos-Nolasco under Leadnet’s MOSNet Division.

Because of this arrangement, MOSNet, via Virtual Staff, will start having a local presence in NZ. Virtual Staff will have exclusive rights to resell all of its Remote Administrative Assistance, Marketing, Online and Technical services at the Shaky Isles.

Currently, MOSNet provides Virtual Assistance services. These new developments will not only repackage its existing VA service packages. It also catapults MOSNet to become a full offshore services provider in the country and opens up opportunities for expansion in neighboring Australia.

“This is exciting news for us and the whole telecommuting industry in general,” says LeadNet head honcho, EJ Nolasco. “As a local entity in New Zealand, Virtual Staff can interact with the businesses even while the staff remains offshore in the Philippines. That should provide peace of mind locally in New Zealand and open up a lot of opportunities for Filipinos as well.”

Client relations will be managed by Virtual Staff, but with all operational processes remaining in the Philippines, LeadNet is looking to employ between 100 and 250 new people within the next 12 to 18 months alone.

LeadNet remains focused on the diversification of its services. The aim is to become a full services provider that can support MOSNet’s growth. The company will also be launching LeadU in November 2014 to provide training and leadership development to all potential hires. This is to ensure the good quality is delivered amidst the rapid ramp up.

“We’ve always envisioned LeadNet to become the premiere resource provider in the Philippines,” says Nolasco. “This is a step in the right direction. At the same time, we are able to provide employment alternatives to many Filipinos who are tired of the usual grind.”

The agreement started December 2014.