Jackpot! I just found the most rewarding job I have ever had in 3 years of working from home.

A month ago, I was surfing the web searching for work as my previous employer decided to call it quits. So like any Breadwinner in the family would do, I immediately started looking for a job or project to replace the one I just lost.

I sent a few resumes out and applied to some of the available work I found on an online job recruitment site. I actually did get a few offers as well but most of them were short time projects or worse, full time work with pay that’s not even worth mentioning.

I was really frustrated at some of the offers I was getting that I suddenly blamed the system. We are selling ourselves out too cheap and the system has found a way to sell us for even less and we (work from home workers) are left with no choice but to grab whatever’s out there just to ensure our livelihood.

Then here comes an offer from LeadNet. I was invited to take some tests and so I did. From the first email, I had a feeling that this could be something. Most companies would just take whoever and dangle the small Job offer they have and grab whoever’s willing. This one had the decency to at least test me and find out if I had what it took to work for them.

After the first round of testing, I was again invited to a second round. This really got me excited as I had a feeling of accomplishment making it to the 2nd round. I took the 2nd test with much gusto and thankfully I passed that as well.

Then came my interview with the team as well as the Client. At this point I was sold out. I wanted this job really bad so I did my best to pass the Interview…which I did.

When the job offer came, it didn’t take me more that 2 minutes to sign everything. The benefits, the base pay, the team, the employer, and the client. Everything was perfect.

It’s been 3 weeks since my first day and I have to say I am in Limbo. Everything is as I have imagined. The transition was painless as everyone was very helpful. The work itself is great! I get to challenge myself more everyday to be the best at what I do and this company has given me purpose…And the best part? It looks like I’ll be here for a long long time. Hello Job Security and Career growth. 🙂