Horrible traffic. Long commute. Sacrificed social life. Expensive office clothes.  – This has been the case for more than 10 years of my professional life. Obviously, it wasn’t ideal especially for a young woman like me who’s determined to make the most of what life has to offer her. And although I made a name for myself (and a good one too!) in my previous career, it felt like there’s something missing and no it wasn’t money or sense of fulfillment. It was time or the lack of it. Toni

Then I was introduced to the concept of working at home. Amazing idea. Most of my friends are reaping the advantages of this kind of work and I made sure I try it out. Imagine a life of less hassle for everything – traffic, commute, clothes and more importantly I have MORE time not only for my family but for myself. It is perfect.

Fortunately for me, not only am I able to experience this brilliant work-at-home stint but I am also working with very professional and warm group of people who makes sure you are adequately supported in any way. I am a very proud freelancer for The Leadership Network. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. 

Currently I am working with a client based in New Zealand as his Virtual Assistant. Every day for the past year, I am always surprised at the array of new ideas and responsibilities that I get to work on because of my job. It is a continuous learning experience. I realized that the knowledge I acquired in my past career is just an inch of what I can learn more doing what I do and I love it. I am never bored plus I get to feed my mind with more information I need to become more efficient.

 But just like anyone who’s new to a profession, I am like a child who needs ample guidance and that’s what The Leadership Network gave me. They still do – guidance to ensure that I am at my 100% best and is able to deliver my work smoothly. They have been an integral part of my learning experience as a freelancer for their team and I am very happy to be a part of it. They have and still is helping me through the ropes of this new world that I’m in and I must admit that I will not be half as effective as I am now if it wasn’t for their helping hands.  

So now, I am living my life the way I want it. I am working – enough to support myself and my family while I am also learning as I go along and plan a good future. I am able to travel and go anywhere I please because I can do my job remotely and most importantly, I have the gift of time. One of the many underrated aspects of life. For all these, many thanks to The Leadership Network team!